What to Know about the Disbursements Involved when Selling a House


When you sell a home, there are going be a number of obligations or disbursements that normally take place. For instance, you have to pay off a mortgage. You have to pay off liens and it may be against the property. There will be some payments that need to be made that can include, fines in utility bills, realtor fees, possible bank related fees, attorney’s fees and title insurance. The list does go on and on. However, the good news is that’s not going to become your worry. That’s what we do for you. We prepare documentation on itemizing all these disbursements and we’ll review each and every one of them with you. We will factor them into the closing situation and funds disbursement, and then at the end of the closing, we make sure those disbursements take place so that you aren’t in the position of running around and trying to issue checks to a dozen or more possible sources.

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