Who is Liable for an Intersection Collision in Connecticut?

Intersection collision accidents represent a large percentage of motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut and across the country, due to the very nature of a location where two or more roads cross each other. Because drivers at intersections often are turning left or right and crossing over, the actions of drivers at intersections create a greater […]

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What Are My Legal Options After a Connecticut Garbage Truck Accident?

Garbage truck drivers provide Connecticuters with an essential service, frequently in the early hours of the morning. They spend most of their time on residential streets alongside other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. As with any other motorist, garbage truck drivers can become distracted and cause serious accidents. Due to the vehicle’s size, contents and machinery, […]

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Who Can Sue for a Wrongful Death in Connecticut?

When coping with the untimely and preventable loss of a family member, filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be an important part of the recovery process. Not only can legal action provide closure, but it can also provide much-needed relief from the financial strain stemming from your loved one’s death. While filing a wrongful death […]

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