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Snow and Ice Accidents

Snow and Ice Accident Attorneys in Bloomfield & Hartford, CT

Snow and ice accidents can be quite devastating. We hope that the liable parties will take all consideration and action to ensure the safety of passersby. This is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many instances when a property owner liable for the condition of a sidewalk or a municipality responsible for the conditions of the street and crosswalk did not take the necessary care to protect the people that frequent these walking surfaces. When this happens, people get hurt. A snow and ice accident can lead to serious injury, including broken bones, spinal cord damage and more. If you need quality legal support from an experienced law firm, contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman for a consultation today. Our firm is ready to assist you in your legal matter and fight for maximum compensation.

Connecticut snow and ice removal laws

In Connecticut, the law states that a property owner must remove weather-related conditions within a reasonable time after a storm. This varies by the severity of the weather event. Each town has its own rules and regulations that provide a certain amount of time to clear a sidewalk and walking surfaces of weather hazards after the end of a storm. In West Hartford, for example, the town ordinance states that a property owner or occupant has 12 hours after a storm ends or within 12 hours after sunrise, whichever comes later. This is not the case for every community and consulting with an attorney that can investigate the law is in your best interests. If you are injured after the time provided by the government, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. If you were to take the risk within the time provided by town ordinances, you will not be able to recover damages.

After an accident

If you slip and fell because of standing, unattended snow and ice, time is of the essence. It is important to act quickly or call someone who can. It is important to consider collecting evidence on your behalf. Firstly, contact a medical professional to tend to your medical needs. When you take this first action, your injuries will be documented and the general time and place the injury occurred. If you can, take pictures of the condition. Snow and ice hazards can change quickly so taking pictures of the scene can mean a world of difference to your case. If anyone saw your accident, get their contact information so they can corroborate your story later on. If your injuries are too serious to act for yourself, contact our firm to act quickly on your behalf.

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The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman has over 35 years of experience fighting for maximum compensation for people in Connecticut injured by negligence. Our firm understands the physical, emotional, and financial burdens that are associated with a snow and ice accident. If you have been seriously injured because of another person’s neglect, contact our firm for a consultation.

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