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What Happens If I’m Caught Driving Under Suspension After A DUI?

Getting convicted of a DUI can come with severe penalties in Connecticut. Even after a first offense, it’s mandatory for your license to be suspended for at least 45 days. This can be a massive inconvenience to those who require reliable transportation for their daily obligations. Sometimes, people choose to drive on a suspended license, […]

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Are Injuries From Tailgating Accidents Eligible For Compensation In CT?

It’s essential for all drivers to be aware of the importance of keeping a safe driving distance at all times. Unfortunately, many drivers end up ignoring or forgetting about this rule and end up tailgating others. Tailgating is when someone drives too closely behind another vehicle, and this act is illegal in Connecticut. This driving […]

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Can I Get A DWI For Driving On A Prescribed Drug? | Windsor Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most Connecticut drivers are aware of the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. However, not everyone is as well educated on the possibility of getting a DWI charge while driving on a legally prescribed medication. There are dangers to driving while on any drug, even if it’s a prescription drug that’s legal […]

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