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What are the Marijuana Laws in Connecticut?

Many people underestimate the harsh ramifications of a marijuana-related charge. Unfortunately, these charges can actually be quite damaging, and many of them can even land you in jail. If you have recently received a marijuana charge, do not think you can beat it without the help of experienced legal counsel. Fortunately, our firm is ready […]

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Can Parents Sue Daycares For Negligence?

Parents leave their children at daycare out of necessity. Trusting another adult with your children is a huge step, especially when they are too young to defend themselves or speak up when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, certain daycares take advantage of that trust, and children are harmed as a result. If your child or children […]

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How Can I Recover Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident?

Though walking is seen as perhaps the safest of all means of transportation, this is not always the case. Sometimes, pedestrians are injured in accidents, and when this happens, they usually seek financial compensation to help them cover the cost of their in-home care, medical bills, lost wages and more. If you find yourself in […]

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What Should I do After a Car Accident That Was Not my Fault?

Nobody wants to think about a car accident, however, it’s better to have a plan now than to let one catch you so off-guard that you are unable to conduct yourself properly afterward. Many young drivers are so surprised when they get in an accident that they don’t know how to properly respond. However, a […]

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