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Pedestrian Deaths Reaches its High Levels in the United States Since 1988

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries and even death to those who are involved. The Governors Highway Safety Association’s (GHSA) new report suggests that these fatalities have a new high in 2019 for the first time in over 30 years. When facing these situations, it is important for injured parties or the loved ones of […]

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How Can a Criminal Record Impact my Future in Connecticut?

When a person commits a crime in the state of Connecticut, there is a chance they will be convicted and receive a criminal record. This can result in consequences that have the potential to impact a person and their reputation for the rest of their life. It is because of this that individuals charged with […]

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Can I Sue if my Child is Injured in a Connecticut School Bus Accident?

When parents put their children on the bus to go to school in the morning, they expect that they will return safely. Parents trust school bus drivers to be safe behind the wheel and ensure their child gets to and from school without harm. While this is usually true, there are situations in which bus […]

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