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Drivers in the state of Connecticut are no strangers to the busy highways in the area. At some point throughout nearly every driving career, a person will be issued a traffic ticket, whether it is for speeding, running a stop sign, or for something much more serious. If you are facing a traffic violation in Connecticut, you need an attorney who can fight your ticket and help you avoid serious penalties. Contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman for a team of attorneys who can guide you through your traffic violation.

Connecticut Traffic Violations

In Connecticut, a traffic ticket is normally charged as either an infraction or a violation, although failure to pay or respond to either may be charged as a misdemeanor criminal offense. In the case of an infraction, the penalty is a fine. The person ticketed can plead guilty or not guilty through the mail. If you plead not guilty, your case goes to superior court for a hearing. Violations are also handled by mail, but many require a court appearance regardless of whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Violations and infractions are reported to the DMV and points may be assessed against your driver’s license if you are convicted, which often results in increased insurance premiums. Additional penalties may include required driver’s education and license suspension.

Minimizing traffic ticket penalties

The best way to defeat a traffic ticket and avoid costly penalties is to consult with an experienced traffic violations lawyer who can advise you on your best course of action and guide you through a hearing. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman, including Marc Needelman, a former state prosecutor, offer high-quality representation for clients ticketed for a broad range of traffic infractions and violations:

  • Using mobile phones or devices while driving
  • Traveling unreasonably fast
  • Speeding
  • Reckless speeding
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Failure to yield
  • Improper turns
  • Failure to signal properly
  • Improper or unsafe passing, cutting in or failure to drive a safe distance Failure to grant a right-of-way
  • Crossing a median
  • Failure to wear a seatbelt
  • Driving on the shoulder
  • Operating a vehicle without a license or valid registration
  • Failure to stop for a school bus
  • Failure to stop at a crosswalk or yield to pedestrians

Speeding violations

The fines, surcharges, and assessments charged for speeding depend on the circumstances of the violation, including how many miles over the speed limit you were going. For example, speeding in a school zone, construction zone, or work zone results in a greater penalty, as does speeding in a commercial truck rather than a car. Whether you are charged with a minor infraction of traveling too fast or a more serious violation of speeding, our speeding ticket attorneys provide thorough and aggressive defense representation to protect your rights and minimize the penalties assessed against you.

How Many Points Will I Get For A CT Traffic Violation?

Statute Traffic Violation Points
Sec.14-218a Operating at an unreasonable rate of speed 1
Sec.14-219 Speeding 1
Sec. 14-230 Failure to drive in the right-hand lane 1
Sec. 14-230a Illegal use of limited access highways by bus, vehicle w/trailer, or commercial vehicle 1
Sec. 14-236 Improper operation on multiple-lane highways 1
Sec. 14-237 Improper operation on divided highway 1
Sec. 14-239 Wrong direction at rotary or one-way street 1
Sec. 14-242 Improper turn; illegal turn; illegal stoping; failure to signal a turn 1
Sec. 14-243 Improper backing or starting 1
Sec. 14-244 Failure to give proper signal 1
Sec. 14-277 Operator’s duties on stopping a school bus 1
Sec. 14-289b Operation of motorcycles abreast, illegal passing 1
Sec. 14-303 Wrong way on one-way street 1
Sec. 14-220 Driving too slowly, impeding traffic 2
Sec. 14-223(a) Disobeying the orders of a police officer 2
Sec. 14-238 Entering or leaving a controlled access highway at a location other than the designated enterance/exit 2
Sec. 14-238(a) Entering a limited access highway somewhere other than a designated point of entrance 2
Sec. 14-241 Executing a turn from the wrong lane or against traffic control devices 2
Sec. 14-249 Failure to obey a signal at a railroad crossing 2
Sec. 14-250 Failure to stop at a railroad crossing while operating a school bus, taxicab, motor vehicle in livery service, motor bus, motor vehicle used for the transportation of school children, or a commercial vehicle carrying a flammable subtance 2
Sec. 14-298 Failure to observe parkway/expressway restrictions 2
Sec. 14-299 Failure to obey traffic control signal 2
Sec. 14-301 Failure to obey stop sign 2
Sec. 14-302 Failure to obey yield sign 2
Sec. 14-304 Operating a vehicle in a pedestrian safety zone 2
Sec. 14-227(a)(b) Driving while impaired 3
Sec. 14-231 Failure to keep right upon meeting opposing traffic 3
Sec. 14-232 Improper passing or failure to yield to passing vehicle 3
Sec. 14-233 Passing on the right 3
Sec. 14-234 Passing in a no passing zone 3
Sec. 14-235 Failure to keep right on a curve or when approaching an intersection 3
Sec. 14-240 Failure to drive a reasonable distance apart 3
Sec. 14-245 Failure to grant the right of way at an intersection 3
Sec. 14-246a Failure to grant the right of way at a junction of highways 3
Sec. 14-247 Failure to yield when emerging from a driveway or private road 3
Sec. 14-247a Failure to grant right of way when emerging from driveway, building, or alleyway 3
Sec. 14-283 Failure to grant right of way to emergency vehicles 3
Sec. 14-300 Failure to grant right of way to a pedestrian 3
Sec. 14-224(c) Wagering 4
Sec. 14-240a Failure to drive a reasonable distance apart with the intent to harass 4
Sec. 14-279 Passing a stopped school bus 4
Sec. 14-281a Operating a school bus at an excessive speed 5
Sec. 14-222a Negligent homicide with a motor vehicle 5

Experienced attorneys defending against Connecticut traffic violations

At the Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman, we have over 35 years of experience helping clients accused of traffic violations in the Bloomfield community and throughout Hartford and Tolland Counties. Our criminal defense attorneys provide a vigorous, meticulous defense in charges ranging from speeding violations to more serious DUI/DWI offenses. To learn more about our services, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

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