Paying Attorney Fees for a Workers Compensation Case

lawyer meeting sit down

Attorney’s fees in a typical workers’ compensation case are similar to a personal injury case and by that, I mean they’re contingent in nature. Unlike the typical personal injury case where fees are often contingent in the amount of one-third of the recovery, in workers’ compensation cases, absent authorization or direction from a commissioner, fees are typically limited to 20%. That means that our fee as an attorney in a workers’ compensation case is a contingent to a 20% fee, limited to moneys we recover for you that are disputed or that have to be negotiated because the employer and the insurance company aren’t willing to step up and pay them without our intervention. Rest assured that if you received the benefits to which you’re entitled without us having to work for you, we’re not going to seek the charging for that. You’ve earned it. We want you to receive as much as you can. Our fees are based only on what we do for you, the reasonable time and effort expended for you.

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