Obtaining Permanent Disability Benefits

disability application (2)

Under Connecticut law, if after your treatment concludes you are not completely healed, you are entitled to ask your treating physician to verify and designate the degree of permanent partial disability that you’re left with. In that case, we will work with your physician to make sure that he or she understands the need to document that degree of disability. We will submit that documentation to the employer and their insurance company. Then we will try to reach an agreement as to what is due to you, which is set-out by statute. So for every body part, there is a statutory scheme schedule of benefits. It’s somewhat complex but essentially states that every body part is designated for benefits up to a certain limit and your degree of disability is governed not by the statutes, but rather by medical science. Once that’s designated, we use that in conjunction with the statutory provisions to determine what your disability payment should be. It’s a complex process but one that we have engaged in thousands of times and we’ll work with you to see you receive the maximum permanent disability benefit due you.

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