Injured on Someone Else’s Property while Working


If you’re injured while on the job, a workers’ compensation injury, there are times where you may have a claim against a third-party or responsible party. For instance, you’re working for an employer on someone else’s property and you are injured and there was a defective condition, perhaps the owner of that property did something while you were present that led to your injury. In those instances, you are entitled to bring (notwithstanding your workers’ compensation claim) a separate claim against the responsible third-party. If we agree that it’s appropriate and initiate that claim, Connecticut law requires that we notify the worker’s compensation commissioner of that third-party action. In that event, the workers’ compensation carrier has the opportunity to intervene, to participate in that claim and when we do resolve the case against the third-party (which happens almost every single time), then a worker is obligated to reimburse the workers’ compensation carrier based upon the statutes in Connecticut and make sure that the workers’ compensation carrier receives what they’re entitled to under the law. Now, what they’re entitled to can sometimes be a matter of interpretation and we often work with claimants, meaning injured workers, in negotiating with insurance companies to make sure that you get to keep as much as possible. So if the situation arrives, we will guide you through that process and do our very best to see that at the end of the day, you keep as much as possible.

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