What to know about domestic violence?

domestic violenceIn Connecticut, domestic violence is taken very seriously. If a complaint is filed with the police and that complaint can be as simple as a telephone call and a hang-up which summons the police. If the police believe there’s been any type of domestic violence whether it’s verbal or physical, they are obligated by law to make an arrest. In that instance, you’ll be required to appear before a judge typically within 24 hours and in many instances, a judge, after reviewing the situation and calling in court services, will enter orders perhaps a restraining order or other protective orders to ensure that there is no further violence imposed against anyone.

It’s important having an attorney represent you because there are significant ramifications involved in a domestic violence case where a restraining order is issued. In fact, in cases where someone has a pistol permit or revolver permit, they’re obligated to turn those firearms and their ammunition over to the state police so it’s important to know what your obligations are, what you rights are and to make sure those rights are protected even when you’re charged with such an offense.

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