If I Rent an Apartment in a Home, am I Legally Required to Give the Landlord a Copy of the Key to My Apartment?


My new landlord says since he owns the home, I am obligated to give him a key to the apartment. I don’t feel comfortable doing so. I did give the key to the prior landlord because I was young and didn’t know my rights, but he used to let himself into my apartment when I wasn’t home. I’d come home from work and my mail or FedEx packages would be on my kitchen table, and he acted as though this was a normal thing. I felt creeped out know he could come and go as he pleased. Am I required to give the new landlord a key?


Yes, a tenant must provide the landlord with a key.  Normally, the landlord gives the tenant a key upon commencement of the lease term.  However, if the tenant changes the lock, he/she must provide the landlord with a key.

The law does not permit a landlord to enter at will, or without “good cause”, such as an emergency, or to make a necessary repair. Typically, a lease will spell this out; but if it doesn’t, the law in Connecticut controls the issue.

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