What to consider as a landlord creating a lease

tenantsA landlord is primarily concerned with two or three things when he’s negotiating a lease with a tenant. Number one on the landlord’s list and it comes with no surprise is he wants to collect rent. That’s why he’s in the business of doing – renting space and collecting rent. So he wants to collect his rent. He wants it on time and without a hassle. Number two is he wants to know that the rules and regulations relating to the property, whatever they might be whether it’s a little small 800-foot business space or part of a large shopping center, wither way he wants to know that the rules and regulations relating to that space are gonna be adhered to and again, he isn’t gonna have a hassle in maintaining his or her property that, again, he gets his rent check or she gets her rent check, and life goes on simply. Finally, the third thing from a landlord’s perspective is ‘is my property gonna be respected and treated properly’, in other words, will it be trashed or will it be maintained in a proper fashion. Security deposits are often a contested issue between the landlord and tenant. Landlords don’t think they get enough tenants, they have to put up too much. In many instances, it really isn’t enough to cover what could be the damage a landlord sustains and that’s an issue that needs to be negotiated very carefully right off the back.

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