Is my landlord permitted to enter my unit without my permission?

In Connecticut, it is important for both landlords and tenants to be aware of their rights. Many people who are renters in a building wonder whether their landlord is permitted to enter their home whenever they want. For the most part, landlords are required to obtain the consent of the tenant to enter the unit. If there is […]

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Do you Recommend a Processor When Trying an Eviction in Hartford?

In Connecticut, if you want to evict a tenant, you need to use a state marshal. A marshal will serve the eviction papers on the tenant and then if necessary, the marshal will be the one who the court sends out to the property to physically remove the tenant from the property. This informational blog […]

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What Should I do if My Tenant Stops Paying Rent in Hartford?

If a tenant stops paying rent to the landlord, we encourage them to immediately begin an eviction process against the tenant. You do have to wait 10 days prior to beginning that process but upon that 10 days passing, we should be immediately be filing a notice to quit against the tenant to initiate that […]

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