What is Important to Know About Hardship Licenses in Connecticut?

shutterstock_97134248A lot of people ask about a hardship license. Here in Connecticut, we typically refer to them as a work permit. The law allows you to seek a work permit which is discretionary with the commission of motor vehicles. There is no absolute right to a work permit. But if you have a clean or minimal record, your readings weren’t exceedingly high, and you can show that you are employed. You are required to have your employer’s signature on the application, while verifying your work schedule because the permit will be limited to the times where you can travel to and from work. The work permit is limited in that you may leave from your home, go to work and straight back. You are not allowed to stop at the grocery store or the pharmacy. You can’t stop at all. If you are observed operating outside the scope of the permit then you are subject to arrest for operating in suspension; there is a mandatory jail term associated with doing so.

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