What If The Other Driver Has Little or No Insurance?

download (2)Here, in Connecticut, the law requires that drivers have a minimal amount of uninsured or under insured motorist coverage, sometimes referred to as UM or UIM insurance. That is specific coverage which protects you in the event that you are injured, by either a motorist who is totally uninsured or who has minimal coverage and your injuries are so severe that the expenses surpass what that insurance covers.

By having this coverage in place, what you are then authorized to do, is go to your own insurance company and indicate that the other driver was inadequately insured, and therefore you’re placing a claim against your own coverage. The good news is that this will not hurt your own insurance rates, and your insurance company cannot penalize you for utilizing or filing a claim for uninsured or under insured motorist benefits. One of the first things we look into when you come in, is what are the insurance limits for the party who injured you, and we go from there. If you are worried that you may be in an accident with a driver who does not have enough insurance coverage, you may want to consider obtaining uninsured motorist coverage. When you are injured in an accident, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and medical expenses.

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