What is UM Insurance?

car-um-insuranceYou may hear the term, UM, uninsured motorist or UIM, under insured motorist coverage. That is coverage you obtain with your own policy that protects you in the event that you are injured in an accident by either an uninsured motorist, or an under insured motorist, meaning one who carries minimal coverage. You purchase that as part of your own policy to protect you in the event that you are injured by one of these types of drivers.

There is no penalty and no adverse impact on your insurance rates or your coverage if you need to avail yourself of these particular provisions of your policy. You’re paying a premium for this kind of coverage, and it’s there as a backstop for you should the other driver not be adequately insured. Many people tend to obtain uninsured motorist coverage as an extra level of protection in the event that you have injuries that surpass the insurance coverage of the other party.

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