To What Extent are Lost Wages Recoverable?

download (1)When a person is injured in an accident and cannot go to work, they will likely have to request compensation for lost wages. In that event, you probably will be able to recover lost wages as long as you follow these practical guidelines. It is imperative that your physician authorize or direct that you remain out of work, or that you have limitations at work and at the job site that preclude you or prevent you from working.

Unless your physician or your treating practitioner indicates that you are unable to work, you probably will not be able to recover your lost wages. Please, immediately speak with your physician or with another professional who is treating you, and help them understand why it is that you can’t perform your duties. This is a crucial step in trying to obtain lost wages when you are injured in an accident. You can do this by explaining to your doctor exactly what your job functions are, what your job duties are, and what limitations you are feeling at this point. If a physician will document your inability, then we can recover your lost wages for you. It is important that you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney when you are injured in an accident and can no longer perform your duties at work and want to compensate for lost wages.

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