What Documents Need to be Filled Out After an Automobile Accident?

car-85320_640If you’re involved in an automobile accident, it’s critical that you gather some basic facts right away. This means the name, the addresses, the license number, and of course the insurance information. Very frequently the police department will gather all that, and the investigating officer will include that in his report. You want to make sure it happens, and if police aren’t involved for some reason, which is rare but occasionally happens, you need to make sure you get all that information. Without it, we’re going to have a difficult time getting started.

We’ll do it without some of that information, but it’s going to take a little longer, and who wants to waste time. We want to get going on your case right away. Get the name, get the address, get the license number and insurance information, as well as the officer’s badge number or name, if you can. Those are all critical, key bits of information.

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