What do I Have to Prove When I Get Hurt in a Trip and Fall

slip-up-709045_640Trip and fall accidents happen all the time, and sadly, I have to tell some people that just because you have tripped and fallen doesn’t mean that the other party or the other property owner is at fault. What we need to do is sit down with you right away, and we need to get a detailed statement as to the condition of the property or the premises where you fell.

We need to determine why you fell. Was there a specific condition? Was there a defect? Was there a raised lip? Was there a slippery floor? What caused you to fall? Frankly, if you tell us, “I have no idea,” we’re going to have difficulty in pursuing your case. This in no way means we’re going to give up on you, but again, you need to understand that the burden of proof is on you, the injured party. You will be required to show that there was a defective condition which caused you to fall and resulted in the sustained injuries.

We’re going to go out and we’re going to investigate, take photographs, perhaps have an engineer involved, and that in combination with the facts you give us hopefully will lead to establishing liability on the part of the other property owner.

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