What are my duties as a tenant?

When you rent a piece of property such as a house or apartment from a landlord, you are considered a tenant. Even though you don’t own the property and you are required to pay rent monthly to the property owner/landlord, you should be aware that you have rights. Many times, tenants are not aware of the rights that they have and it can harm them in the long run. In addition, if the tenant fails to comply with the rules and responsibilities that they have agreed upon with their landlord, they may find themselves in trouble. The relationship between a landlord and a tenant can be a good one if both parties cooperate and abide by the rules and responsibilities set in place for them.

Tenants who are renting a residential or commercial space are responsible for abiding by the agreement they signed at the inception of the lease. They must pay their rent on time each month, or by the agreed-upon date. Tenants must do what they can to take care of the space they are renting, such as keeping it clean and being aware of repairs that need to be made. They should not purposefully cause harm to the building. In addition, if any repairs need to be made, the tenant should inform the landlord of the issues. In the event that the tenant causes property damage, they should be held responsible for paying for that damage or repairing it themselves. Tenants should respect their neighbors and keep the noise level down when it is early in the morning or very late at night. If the tenant plans to move out, they will need to inform their landlord within a reasonable time of their intentions to leave.

These are all simple responsibilities that tenants should abide by. Disputes between landlords and tenants are usually avoidable. If necessary, hire an experienced attorney who can assist you in settling a dispute of this nature.

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