Is my landlord permitted to enter my unit without my permission?

In Connecticut, it is important for both landlords and tenants to be aware of their rights. Many people who are renters in a building wonder whether their landlord is permitted to enter their home whenever they want. For the most part, landlords are required to obtain the consent of the tenant to enter the unit.

If there is an emergency, the landlord is permitted to enter the rental property without the tenant’s consent. If your landlord needs to enter your rental unit to make repairs, show the unit to potential tenants, or conduct inspections, they are permitted to do so. However, the landlord should provide you with notice of their intentions to enter the unit in advance whether they do so orally or in written form. In addition, it is important that the landlord only enters the unit at reasonable times. Another reason for which a landlord can enter without the permission of the tenant is when the tenant has been absent for some time or abandoned the unit altogether.

Your landlord should respect your rights. On the other hand, you as the tenant should also respect that they own the building and may occasionally need to enter the unit. If you believe that your landlord has been entering your rental unit without your consent for reasons in which they are not permitted to do so, you should consult with an experienced landlord/tenant law attorney who can provide you with assistance.

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