Does Home Owner Need to Give Prior Notice of the Defect in Order to be Responsible for a Personal Injury in Hartford?

man fallen on wet floorPeople have asked did there have to be a pre-existing condition, a pre-existing defect in order for me to make a claim as a result to the defect that I sustained my injury from. The answer is no. It is not required. A hallmark can have a situation that presents itself literally overnight and is responsible for the injury that takes place. Now, that doesn’t mean however that there absolutely, under all circumstances, are strictly liable for instance, if you fall due to a broken step. Each situation is different. The facts if each situation are different. They have to be evaluated and having done that for 40 years, we are in a unique position to make that observation for you and make that determination as to the strength of your case, the validity of your case and how to best proceed with it.

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