Slipped and Fell on My Neighbor’s Patio; Should I File a Claim in Hartford?

shutterstock_125426609If you slip and fall in a neighbor’s property be it their patio, their steps or even within the house, you may have a claim against that owner. However, it’s important to know and let’s be candid simply because you slip and fall doesn’t mean someone else is responsible. We’ve all had those occasions where for whatever reason unbeknownst to us but clearly not through the fault to someone else. We’ve slipped. However, the law does say that when you slip and get injured as a result of someone else’s neglect, their own mission, their negligence, then yes, you should assert a claim against that property owner which will be turned over to their insurance company and then we present your claim for you.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Marc N. Needelman, an experienced Hartford, Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer.

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