What Should I Ask the Owner of a Dog that Just Bit me in Bloomfield CT?

Boy with broken armIf you’re bitten by a dog, you want to approach the owner or responsible party and determine right of the bat who the owner is and confirm that and then perhaps equally important is ‘is the dog current with its vaccinations?’ Rabies is a fatal disease and you want to know that that dog has been vaccinated currently, not years ago, but is currently with its vaccination for rabies and if there is any questions asked to the vaccination and the timeliness of that vaccination then the dog should be quarantined and that’s where an animal control officer, a K9 officer needs to be involved because that dog has to be quarantined to be observed for any signs of rabies. Otherwise, you may face a very unpleasant possibility of a regimen a treatment for rabies which by all accounts, is really a horrible form of treatment and one to be avoided if at all possible.

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