What can I do if I’m charged with domestic violence?

A domestic violence charge can ruin a person’s reputation. When they are faced with these accusations, they can lose some of their loved ones. Instead of watching this occur, fight for your own defense. You can acquire a domestic violence attorney to do so. These attorneys can gather evidence to support your case. They may be able to clear your name and help you rebuild your life. In the state of Connecticut, it is illegal for someone to physically assault, stalk or threaten you. This includes anyone who is a family member or living in your household. These offenses can be considered situations involving domestic violence. A family or household member in Connecticut is defined to be any of the following persons: spouse, former spouse, parents, children, persons other than those related by blood or marriage but reside together, persons who have a child in common and persons who are currently or recently been in a romantic relationship. These individuals can all face domestic violence charges if they have been accused of dangerous behavior toward someone attached to them in any of these ways.

What is a protective order?

For situations involving domestic violence, victims may request some form of protection through legal action. This can include a protective order. When these are established, they can protect a victim from their abuser. This can defend them against any habits involving threats, harassment, injury or intimidation of someone accused to be their abuser. These orders are only put into effect during criminal proceedings. They usually remain established until the end of a criminal case. However, a standing criminal protective order can be put in place to further protect a victim from an abuser for their whole lifetime or until further action by a court. This can help victims tremendously since they can feel safer knowing that they are protected from someone they are scared of. They can also feel comfort knowing that the individual being accused can face legal action if they break a protective order. This can give them the peace of mind they need to continue living their lives. During court cases, these orders can be especially important since a victim may be testifying against this individual.

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