Can I Seek Compensation For Future Medical Expenses In a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you get injured in an accident and sue for damages, it is probably obvious to you that your compensation should help reimburse you for the money you have spent on medical care. But what if your injuries will continue to require care? Can you be compensated for these future medical expenses as well? You can. Talk to our Hartford County personal injury attorneys and get ready to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

How Can I Figure Out Future Medical Expenses?

Future medical expenses can be calculated based on the type of injury, how long the injured party will need care for, and what kinds of services will be needed. For example, someone with a broken arm can expect to have some future medical costs, but someone with a traumatic brain injury could be facing a battery of tests, therapies, and treatments that could cost a lot of money.

Do I Need an Expert Medical Witness?

You do not necessarily need an expert medical witness, but one can do a lot to help. If you just tell a jury that you need more medical procedures done or lifelong care, that might not mean much to them. If someone else comes in and says it, that could make a difference. An expert witness is seen as that, an expert. Their testimony carries weight. At the same time, they can be seen as a neutral party who has no real reason to exaggerate or lie about your injuries and future medical expenses.

Doctors can serve as expert witnesses here, but for plaintiffs who will have permanent issues due to their injuries we can also consult life care planners. These experts can attempt to show how an injury will continue to affect somebody and what kinds of expenses they can expect to incur over their lifetime.

How Else Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Fight For Future Medical Expenses?

Your attorney can help you find expert witnesses and show what kind of future medical costs you are facing, but that is not all that they can do for you. Your experienced personal injury lawyer can also:

  • Ensure that you do not miss important filing deadlines and court dates
  • Gather evidence needed to make your case
  • Prepare you and other eyewitnesses for testimony
  • Defend you from any accusations of wrongdoing
  • Calculate fair compensation
  • Handle all communications on your behalf

So do not try to fight for compensation on your own. Contact our law firm and learn more about what we can do to assist you in this difficult time.

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