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The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman has over 35 years of experience as a legal resource for the people of Hartford, Hartford County, and all of Connecticut regarding a large variety of legal matters. Our firm handles all criminal defense matters, including OUIs, drug crimes, larceny, juvenile crimes, traffic violations and more. The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman also handles landlord/tenant matters, municipal law, zoning law, estate and probate, real estate, workers’ compensation, and more. If you need quality legal support from an effective law firm, contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman for a consultation today.

Our Criminal Defense Services

The most important thing a person charged with any crime can do is obtain strong legal representation that is committed to fighting for your rights. If you require the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Hartford, Connecticut, contact the Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman. When you need strong legal representation for a criminal defense matter in Connecticut, contact the Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys can defend you in various matters of criminal defense, including:

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With over 35 years of experience, the firm celebrates the effectiveness and personalized attention that makes us a small-town firm with a big city feel. When people from Hartford come to our office, they are happy to receive legal representation that has the diligence and persistence that produces results. We are happy to serve Connecticut with integrity and tenacity because we call it home. Marc Needelman is an experienced personal injury and criminal defense attorney, serving the greater Hartford, CT area. Contact The Law Offices of Marc N. Needelman today to learn how we can assist you.

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