Who Can a Passenger Sue after a Car Accident?

Car accidents are stressful and overwhelming at the best of times, leaving victims reeling with mild to serious physical injuries and temporary to extensive mental health consequences. Typically, car accident victims can seek compensation for their injuries. And yet, when most articles online talk about victims of car accidents, the victim referred to is the driver. What if you were harmed, but you were a passenger? Can you sue anyone for compensation, and if so, who can you sue them? This blog will explain who an injured passenger can seek compensation from. Don’t forget to contact a Hartford County car accident attorney right away if you were a passenger when a car accident happened. You’re dealing with a lot right now, and you deserve someone who will fight hard to make things less stressful for you.

Can I Sue the Driver if I Was Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident?

You are legally allowed to sue the driver of the car you were traveling in when a car accident occurred. However, as with other kinds of lawsuits in California’s at-fault car insurance system, you’ll need to prove the driver was at fault for what happened.

You will need evidence that the driver, through their negligence, caused the car accident to file a claim against that driver. There are many reasons someone might negligently cause a car accident: driving while intoxicated, speeding, driving distracted, and driving while drowsy, among others.

You may also feel uneasy about filing a claim against your friend, if your friend was the driver. Unfortunately, in the current United States and California legal system, filing a claim against the driver of the car can be one of the only ways for you to recover for costs like medical bills and lost wages. Don’t forget that your payment will be covered by their insurance company and not your friend’s bank account, though your friend may see a large increase in their insurance rates.

Can I Sue Both Drivers?

If you can sue the driver of the car you were in, you may be wondering whether you can sue both drivers. Both drivers may really be liable, depending on whether both of the drivers were negligent in such a way that caused the accident.

In this kind of claim, each driver will be assigned a percentage of fault. Should your claim be successful, the amount of compensation each must pay you will be according to what percentage each was at fault.

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