When Should I Update My Will?

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Wills need to be reviewed periodically. They may or may not require changes but until you’ve reviewed them, you don’t really know. There are certain circumstances under Connecticut law where wills become invalid such as in marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, and other major life events. Certain wills can be drawn to provide for those kinds of expectations or contingencies and if we do provide for them, then the will won’t be automatically revoked. However, by reviewing it periodically, you get the opportunity to say “Does this plan really work anymore? Is this what I want to do now that a certain amount of time has passed?” If after reviewing it, you decide that you would like to make some changes, we can simply draw an amendment, otherwise known legally as a codicil, to your will. With small changes, a codicil may be appropriate and all that’s required. If however, you do have significant changes, it may be more appropriate and even cost-effective to simply redraw the will. In that situation, we would need to sit down, discuss, give you our thoughts and then you can decide how best to proceed.

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