What’s Important to Know If I Have Been Involved in an Auto Accident that Resulted in an Injury

Car_AccidentIf you’re involved in an automobile accident, and you sustain personal injuries, it’s very important to document who, what, when, where, why, and how. What I mean by that is we need the facts. Typically, those kinds of accidents are documented by a police department, and the first thing we’re going to do, in addition of course to speaking with you, is obtain that police report. From this, we will hopefully have additional information, technical data and perhaps statements from witnesses.

Once we obtain the police report, understand the nature of your injuries and ensure that you are getting the type of medical treatment that your injuries require, we have enough to present a claim on your behalf to the responsible insurance carrier. It’s a combination of factors, namely facts regarding the incident, insurance coverages, your medical condition, lost wages, and the possibility of other problems that you have either experienced or developed. Perhaps your vehicle has been damaged. That’s an additional issue that we’re happy to sit down and address for you.

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