What You Should Know About Juvenile Crimes in Connecticut

Many of us made mistakes when we were younger and not so wise. Unfortunately, the state of Connecticut classifies some of those mistakes as crimes. Please read on, then contact an experienced Hartford County juvenile crime defense attorney to learn what you should know about juvenile crimes in Connecticut.

How are juvenile crimes treated in Connecticut?

In the Constitution State, juveniles under the age of 14 are not treated as adult offenders regardless of the crime or the circumstances surrounding it. Juveniles aged 14 and 15 must be treated and tried as adult offenders when they are accused of other specified serious crimes and they have a prior record.

After the arrest, Connecticut law enforcement has the discretion to act against the child as they deem fit, including whether or not an arrest is made. When an arrest is made, law enforcement will issue a summons and prepare an arrest report detailing the arrest signed by the parents to ensure they appear in court. If deemed a danger to society, the child may be detained in a juvenile detention center.

If the child is 14 years or older and is accused of committing a Class A or B felony, he or she will automatically be transferred to adult court to face adult charges. If the child is 14 years or older and is accused of a Class C, D or unclassified felony, the court may subject the child to an adult trial if the court believes it is necessary.

The adult court judge has the discretion to reverse the adult transfer for those waived up to adult court because of certain Class A sexual assault charges, Class B felonies and discretionary transfers. This will all depend on the underlying circumstances of the alleged offense.

When will juveniles be charged as adults in Connecticut?

While there are no hard and fast rules dictating when a juvenile will be tried as an adult, the following crimes will usually waive defendants up to adult court:

  • Murder
  • Attempted murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Attempted sexual assault
  • Robbery with a weapon
  • Attempted robbery with a weapon
  • Arson
  • Attempted arson
  • Kidnapping
  • Attempted kidnapping
  • Manslaughter

Whether or not your child is at risk of being waived up to adult court for these or related offenses, you would be well advised to reach out to one of our skilled Hartford County criminal defense attorneys to discuss your child’s options and begin tailoring a personalized strategy. Please give us a call today.

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