What to Know if I Slip and Fall on Ice and Get Injured in Hartford?

slip fall iceEvery year, thousands of people get seriously injured from falls on ice and snow. Many of those injuries are long-lasting and you have a right and you should assert that right to bring a claim for your personal injuries. Connecticut law says that a property owner is not going to be held liable and is not going to be responsible for an injury related to ice and snow unless that property owner had what’s called a reasonable opportunity after the end of a storm or storm event to take reasonable measures. Now, people say “What does that mean?” Well, it means a lot of things because no two storms are alike. Obviously, what’s reasonable after a two-inch snow fall is not the same as what’s reasonable after a twelve-inch snow fall. So the facts and circumstances are going to vary in each and every case and that’s where we get involved. We document the weather conditions, we document the time available to deal with those weather conditions and then we can advise you fairly and accurately as to the value of your claim.

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