What to know about OUI/DUI penalties in Connecticut?

dwi defenseThe penalties for OUI/DUI convictions are severe and every year it seems it’s getting more and more severe. The public is demanding it. Medical science continues to show us what the ill-effects of operating under the influence bring to both the operator and, more often, the so-called victims. So it’s crucial to know that if you’re convicted of operating under the influence, even your first conviction, you are facing at a minimum a suspended jail sentence, probation and a multitude of other sanctions such as fines and cost of at least $850, a suspension of your license from the court as opposed to the motor vehicle department which may be a separate suspension. You will also, on the first conviction, be required to either perform 100 hours of community service or 48 hours of jail. People often open their eyes wide when they hear that. “Jail?” they ask. Yes, jail is clearly a sentence which can be imposed by a judge on a first conviction. Although you, as a defender, would have the option to elect 100 hours of community service. Now, in addition to all that, once you have a conviction in the unlikely event that there is a second offense, by having that first conviction, you are now in the jackpot zone if you will. You’re going to be facing enhanced penalties on a second conviction which, with a minimum under the statute, could be 120 days incarceration. So it’s crucial to understand and to know this is a serious business. It’s only gonna get more serious in terms of the penalties and sanctions that get imposed. So you’ve heard it before and it’s true. Just don’t drink and drive but if you do, we’re here to help.

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