What is the Legal Process when Selling a Property in Hartford?

shutterstock_201224525A seller, when they’re ready to sell a piece of property, has to be able to convey a good, clear title to their property. This is their biggest obligation in connection with the sale. That means paying off if there are any mortgages, liens if there are any have to be paid, any outstanding assessments. In other words, these are all the things that would be claims against the title. So you, as a seller, through your attorney, are going to make sure that the title is ready to be delivered clean to the buyer because they can’t get a mortgage and they’re certainly aren’t interested in purchasing a property with outstanding liens or mortgages. So your attorney is going to work very hard to clear the title, make sure it’s ready to sell, to take care of any inspection-related issues if they arise, to make sure the property is ready to be delivered in good order in the day of closing and to make sure utilities and other commonly associated closing issues, are addressed with you. Again, no one likes surprises on the day of closing and we work with you to let you know in advance what needs to be addressed, when it should be taken care of to make your day of closing a stress-less one.

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