What is Recoverable as Damages in a Personal Injury Case in Hartford?

construction accident 2People often ask me “What kind of damages can I recover as a result to being injured?” and I tell them that there are many forms of damages. For instance, you’re entitled to have your medical bills paid even if they’ve been paid in part by your own insurance, you’re still entitled to be made whole. If you suffered any loss of wages or even a loss of future income perhaps your ability to work has been diminished, perhaps you may not be able to work overtime or perhaps you can’t engage in a type of heavy work that you did before. These are all things that talk to and speak to your loss of earning or earning capacity. Obviously, if you sustained a permanent injury, that’s a major component of any personal injury claim and this is all documented through medical professionals. They may indicate you’ve sustained a permanent partial disability or permanent partial impairment – critical elements to a personal injury case. So these are the things we’re going to discuss with you in detail. We’re going to pursue. We’re going to work with your employer. We’re going to work with your medical providers to document so that when we present your claim, we’re seeking damages for all of what you’ve suffered.

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