What is an Attorney’s Role in a Real Estate Transaction in Bloomfield CT?

marc needlemanWhat is an attorney’s role when it comes to purchasing or selling real estate? We want to get involved with the earliest possible date. The worst thing that can happen is a client comes in with a contract already signed, already executed by all the parties and says “Well, I have a concern about this or I have a concern about that. What about this? Can we change something?” The answer is unfortunately, probably not. Once all of the parties have signed the contract, it is a binding agreement. So the time to see us is while you’re negotiating or even just before you negotiate a contract to guide you as to what terms to include or perhaps what terms not to include. Once that contract is executed, we can work with you with our inspection-related issues. We can help you if there are mortgage application or processing issues and then in connection with the closing itself, we’re going to make sure that the title to that property is absolutely clear, absolutely clean that when you purchase that property and spend the money for that property, you’re getting all that you bargain for, all that you negotiated and of course, if difficulties arise during this process or in connection with the closing itself, we’re there. We’re in your corner and we’re going to make sure that this is a successful transaction.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Marc N. Needelman, an experienced Hartford, Connecticut Real Estate Lawyer.

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