What is a Realtor’s Role when Purchasing a House in Connecticut?

shutterstock_186126815In many instances, having a Realtor involved is a great benefit to the parties being you a seller or a buyer. I say this because Realtor are obviously very familiar with the local real estate market whereas lawyers are more involved with the legalities of the transaction. So whereas a Realtor can help you in negotiating. A Realtor can help you identify an inspector. A Realtor may be able to direct you to a lender that might be favorable in your particular instance. These are the considerations you want to have. Now, if you have none of those concerns and none of those issues, perhaps you don’t need a Realtor. That’s a personal decision that everyone has to make. Realtor are very good for the most part in what they do and a very important in the process just like attorneys are important to the process, typically in helping you negotiate a contract, meaning before it was signed, not afterwards because attorneys can’t do much for you once you have the binding signed contract. But then, you have an attorney, you have a Realtor, everyone working for you. Everyone in your corner.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Marc N. Needelman, an experienced Hartford, Connecticut Real Estate Lawyer.

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