What if I’m Seriously Injured in a Car Accident and the Other Driver has no Insurance?

shutterstock_144026332If you’re injured in an automobile accident and we determine that the other operator and owner did not have insurance, you are not totally out of luck. In Connecticut, virtually every driver has what’s called Uninsured Motorist’s Coverage or U.M. coverage and people often don’t understand what it is and the value of it. Let me explain. Uninsured motorist’s coverage is exactly what it sound like. It’s coverage for injuries sustained as a result of an uninsured motorist. What happens is you present a claim to your insurance company saying that “I was injured by an uninsured motorist.” Now some folks say “Well, wait a minute. You know, I don’t make a claim against my company. It will hurt my rates.” That is not true. Under the law, you’re purchasing this car which you’re paying an extra premium for it. You will not be negatively impacted. You won’t be rated as a result of making a claim under uninsured motorist. This coverage basically steps into the shoes of what would’ve been the insurance company for the negligent party. So instead of presenting and documenting your claim to a third-party’s insurance company, you’re presenting it to your own company and we assure attorneys are going to prepare and present the case in this same manner. The only difference, frankly, is that we’ll be mailing it and speaking with an adjustor form your company and not someone else’s.

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