What if I’m Hit By a Drunk Driver in Hartford?

dui dwi drink alcoholConnecticut law provides recourse for people who were injured by drunk drivers beyond simply following a claim against the other driver itself. In many instances, if you can establish that the responsible party drank at a bar, at a restaurant or similar night club and the restaurant allowed that person to become intoxicated and then leave in that manner, you may have a claim against the establishment, the business. These are called dram shop actions which actually originated many, many years ago and to this day, you can bring a claim against that business establishment because the law says that they, in fact, contributed to the intoxication and should be held partly responsible. It’s important and one of the things we do is promptly investigate the facts and circumstances to determine if there is the possibility of bringing an action, a dram shop action, against a business. So now you have two responsible parties: the operator and the business that allowed him to operate in an intoxicated manner.

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