What Forms do I Have to Fill Out After Being in a Serious Accident in Hartford?

 shutterstock_204768727People often ask me “Do I have to fill out paperwork? What forms do I have to complete after I’ve been in a serious accident?” The answer is that there isn’t a lot of paper that must be completed. Obviously, you want to notify your own insurance company even when you’re not at fault that you’ve been in a serious accident. For all you know, the other party, the responsible party, could assert a claim against your insurance company claiming you were at fault. You certainly want your insurance company to know as soon as possible what the facts are so that they don’t erroneously believe that you might be responsible. So clearly notify your own insurance company. Make sure the police department if they haven’t received all the pertinent information meaning your full name, address, your insurance information, registration information alike is provided. After that, we do the rest.


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