What are the Types of Benefits I Am Entitled to Under Workers’ Compensation?

shutterstock_213578512 (2)If you’re injured while on the job here in Connecticut, you’re entitled to a multitude of benefits. These benefits may include lost wages, medical treatment and care, permanent disability payments and in some instances scarring payments. You may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation or training benefits and there are even more.

Now, you may ask “Well, describe each one. How do they work?” We can do that for you but obviously, we need to sit down with you, review the circumstances of your injury, what your situation is in terms of your treatment or what’s likely to be required and whether or not any of these or all of these benefits are something to which you’re entitled. In some instances, you may even be entitled to a full and final stipulated award which is a negotiated benefit paid to you by the insurance company and your employer in exchange for you agreeing to terminate any future claims against them.

A full and final stipulations is a negotiated document. It’s one that can’t be forced on you as an employee nor can it be forced on the employer or its insurance company. All stipulations are subject to the review and approval of a workers’ compensation commissioner whose job is to make sure that any settlement is both fair and appropriate for you. Working with us, we will make sure that any provisions and any document prepared and settlement proposed is one that a commissioner will be comfortable with and approve.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Marc N. Needelman, an experienced Hartford, Connecticut Worker’s Compensation Lawyer.

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