What Are The Most Common Winter Driving Hazards In Connecticut?

While an unexpected snow day can be exciting for kids hoping for an off day from school, snowy or icy weather during this time of year can be distressing for Connecticut drivers. There are many different hazards that can occur in winter, so you might want to be prepared in case you come across any on the roads. To learn more about the different winter driving hazards that you should be cautious of and ways you can avoid them, read this blog or reach out to one of our Hartford County Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys today!


Out of the various dangerous road hazards that drivers could face during the wintertime, the most common are those caused by snowstorms and sleet. After winter precipitation, ice may form on streets, sidewalks, and highways. Icy roads are the biggest hazard you should be wary of because driving over ice could cause you to lose complete control of your vehicle. Black ice is even more dangerous since drivers can’t see it until they’re driving over it. Even the safest drivers can be susceptible to an accident caused by ice.

Another common hazard during the winter months is poor visibility which could be caused by multiple factors. In Connecticut, it’s the law to clean snow and ice off your car before driving. Not only can snow on your car reduce the driver’s visibility, but the snow can fall off your car while driving and hit passersby’s cars, affecting their visibility as well.


There are various precautions you can take to minimize your risk of a car accident during winter weather. Many drivers who live in snowy climates purchase snow tires or chains for their tires to minimize the possibility of their vehicle slipping in inclement weather conditions. You should also keep an emergency kit in your car in case your battery ever freezes from extreme temperatures. If you get into a winter auto accident, contact a motor vehicle accident attorney who has your best interests in mind.

Connecticut is an at-fault state, meaning you might be eligible for compensation after an accident under certain circumstances. You’ll need to prove in court that the other driver’s negligence caused the car accident. Negligence means they drove recklessly which violated their civic duty of minimizing harm to the public. However, this can be difficult to determine if winter hazards were involved because even safe drivers can end up slipping on undetectable ice.

If you’ve recently gotten into a car accident due to inclement weather conditions, no need to panic! The Law Office of Marc N. Needelman is here to help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation. Contact us today for an initial consultation!

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