What Are the Most Common Causes of Escalator Accidents in Connecticut?

Nobody images themselves getting into an escalator accident, however, if you have been involved in one, it may change your life forever. If you have been injured, you must continue reading and reach out to our experienced Hartford County personal injury attorneys to learn more about how we can help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet again. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the primary causes of escalator accidents?

Escalators are composed of hundreds of parts, and if one thing goes wrong, a serious accident can occur. Some of the most common causes of escalator accidents include broken emergency shut-off buttons, sudden stops or starts, missing screws, mechanical malfunctions, broken handrails, irregular escalator maintenance, and more.

How do I win compensation after being injured in an escalator accident?

The key to winning any personal injury claim is whether you can prove that you were injured as a direct result of another party’s negligence. However, determining the negligent party in escalator accidents is oftentimes a bit more challenging than you may think, which is why it is always a good idea to hire an experienced personal injury attorney before taking the next step forward. An attorney will assess the situation and determine whether you will file a premises or a product liability lawsuit. If you were injured at the hands of a negligent landlord or property owner, you will file a premises liability lawsuit. However, if you were injured due to a negligent escalator design or manufacturer, you will file a product liability lawsuit.

Additionally, personal injury attorneys are educated and trained in effectively collecting and presenting evidence to prove personal injury claims. To win your claim, our firm will work to uncover pictures or videos of the safety hazard or the accident itself, medical documents, police reports of the incident, witness statements, and more.

How long do I have to sue after an escalator accident?

In Connecticut, the statute of limitations for both premises and product liability claims is two years, which means you will have two years from the date of your accident to take legal action against a negligent party. If you do not file before the two-year mark, you will most likely lose out on the compensation you truly need. Our firm has successfully fought for our clients’ compensation for years, and we are ready to do the same for you.

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