What are Some of the Closing Costs When Buying a House in Hartford?

lawyer meeting closingPeople often ask me “What kind of closing costs should I expect in connection with my property closing, my home closing.” It’s difficult to tell them exactly but certainly, you can count on the following. There are going to be certain fees paid to your bank. They cover appraisal cost, sometimes underlying fees, sometimes points and that is negotiable as well and then, there are going to be additional cost. You may have a property inspection. There’ll be a fee for that. You may want a survey done. There’ll be a fee for that although that is not something that is typically done in Connecticut but you have the right or there may be circumstances which call for it. There’ll be title research fees and title insurance which we can explain to you in more detail and of course, there’ll be attorney’s fees and bank-related charges for closing. All that gets spilled out to you in advance when you seek a mortgage through the real estate practices disclosure former RESPA form. So, unlike years ago, you’ll now have a pretty good idea upfront as you’re going to the process what the charges are so that there shouldn’t any unpleasant surprises on the day of closing.

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