Traffic Tickets in Connecticut

Unfortunately, drivers throughout Connecticut often violate the rules of the road and are issued traffic tickets by law enforcement. For the most part, these traffic tickets are often simple infractions or violations but there are situations where it can be upgraded to a misdemeanor. This is typically only the case if the individual fails to respond to the ticket. Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions regarding traffic tickets in Connecticut.

What are my options when I get a ticket? When an individual gets a traffic ticket, they have to respond. They have the option to either plead No Contest and pay the fine. No Contest means that the driver isn’t admitting or denying that they committed the infraction. The other option is to plead not guilty and go to court to fight the ticket. It is a good idea to retain an attorney if one chooses to plead not guilty.

When do I have to respond to the ticket? The ticket will have an “Answer Date” on it, which is the deadline to state whether the individual will plead No Contest or not guilty. If the individual fails to respond by the Answer Date, the case will be granted a court date and the Department of Motor Vehicles may suspend the driver’s license.

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