Time Frame of the Workers Compensation Process


It depends on you, the injured party, and what’s required and necessary as a result of that injury. If your injury is not significant and you heal entirely within a short period of time, then your case should be and likely will be resolved quickly, unless you have a long-term injury, one that requires extended treatment over a lengthy period of time, which is not unusual. It’s not unheard of for cases to take a year, 18 months or up to 2 years to get resolved. Part of the reason for that is that doctors will not opine or offer an opinion as to the degree of permanent partial disability that one has sustained for at least one year post-accident or in the case of surgery, for one year after surgery. Therefore, if you do have a permanent injury that you haven’t healed entirely from, we’re not going to know the doctor’s opinion which is a critical component in negotiating for you for at least a year and perhaps more after your accident. We’re not going to rush you. We’re going to give your case the time and devote the effort necessary to make sure that you get the recovery you’re entitled to.

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