South Windsor Voices Concerns About Redland Brick Quarry

The company Redland Brick has owned and operated the quarry in South Windsor for many decades. According to their recent permit application, the company has been excavating clay and manufacturing bricks there for almost 100 years. The company’s recent permit expired on January 28, 2019, and they are looking for a renewal. In the midst of applying to renew their permit for 5 years, complaints have risen from homeowners within the local neighborhood. Before Redland Brick sees a renewal, homeowners wish to see some changes.

Residents of South Windsor have put up with the effects of Redland Brick’s clay manufacturing for far too long and are working to put an end to it. With the process of their permit renewal came a slew of complaints regarding the noise, dust, and eyesores that the quarry brings the neighborhood. Homeowner James Poulin provided the Planning and Zoning Commission council with pictures that show just how the neighborhood is being affected. These pictures gave proof of the dust that is encapsulating his entire home, from the air to his own property. He raised concerns about pollution and the health of the town as a whole. South Windsor residents are putting their foot down before letting it continue for another 5 years.

Redland Brick is hearing the concerns of their fellow residents in South Windsor and is working to come to a common ground. The company gave the public a chance to tour their site on Tuesday, March 26, to see what their plans are to work with the community. Later on that evening, the South Windsor Planning and Zoning Public Hearing took place to discuss solutions to the problem. The company is proposing to limit their working days to solely weekends to help with the noise. They also suggested planting trees to obstruct the view and installing a system to control the dust issue.

Residents of South Windsor had some of their own suggestions. They wish for the quarry to move to the north side, far away from their neighborhood. Hearing this concern, Redland Brick discussed that in order to do that, their previous permit that was submitted to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection must receive approval. The quarry, consisting of two large clay pits, is filled with water that must be drained in order to remove the clay. This permit approval would allow them to pump the water.

Head of our law firm, Attorney Marc Needelman, spoke out on the issue. “We are not here asking you to put this company out of business,” he said. “What we’re asking is for you to take into consideration, at least equally if not greater so, the residents who live adjoining the property.”

The decision regarding Redland Brick’s new permit is ultimately up to the Planning and Zoning Commission. A decision was originally meant to be reached on March 12, although the Committee showed that no decision was made at the recent meeting. The next meeting regarding the quarry will take place on April 9.


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