What to know if Your Child has Been Charged with Battery

Son ArrestedQuestion:

My son states he was trying to get a hold of his friends who were already inside the venue when security asked him to leave.  My son says that while trying to tell security his dilemma, they pushed him telling him that “he can’t be here”.  My son says he told the person to stop pushing him on a public sidewalk, when he was pushed again my son pushed his hands off of him and turned to walk away.   He was then tackled from behind and held down until police arrived. What should we do? Can we file charges on the security company?  My son’s face took the brunt of the real battery, this happened just 2 days ago. Can it be dropped without having to deal with the whole legal mess?   My son is 20 years old and has never been in any trouble, he is kind of a quiet kid. So it’s me and him that are suffering trying to end this whole ordeal. What can we do,  we don’t have a lot of money.


Without an independent witness, it’s one person’s word against the other. And therein lies the problem. Unfortunately, in almost every instance the guard’s version will be the one that is believed. The best advice is to pursue a resolution which would include an apology in exchange for the charges being dropped, or seek a Diversionary (alternative to prosecution) program.

It isn’t about right or wrong; rather, how to best resolve a lousy situation.


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