Lifetime Medical Coverage Terms with Workers Compensation


Workers’ compensation is a statutory process where the state of Connecticut says if you’re a worker and you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to collect certain forms of benefits depending on the injury and the effects of that injury. In some instances, it may just be some simple medical treatment and you’re back to work. In other instances, you may be out of work and in which case you will be entitled to and qualify for lost wage benefits. Medical bills, whether minor or major, whether it involves surgery or ongoing treatment, are going to be covered by workers’ compensation as long as those bills are deemed to be reasonable and necessary for your care of the injuries received. With workers’ compensation, you’re not alone. If you and the insurance company disagree, we are able to work on your behalf to negotiate, perhaps deal with the insurance company or employer in a matter where they’re not anxious to negotiate or discuss it and if necessary, we’re here to represent you with the workers’ compensation commission. So, if injured while on the job, and you have any questions or concerns regarding your entitlement to treatment or benefits, contact us.

This informational blog post was brought to you by Marc N. Needelman, an experienced Hartford, Connecticut workers’ compensation attorney. If you have any questions, contact the law office to set up a free initial consultation. 

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