Importance of Vocational Rehabilitation in Connecticut


Under Connecticut law, a worker can ask that a workers’ compensation commissioner refers him or her to the workers’ compensation vocational rehabilitation commission. That is set up to help train and prepare people to engage in a new occupation where their medical situation due to their injury prohibits them from continuing their old job. In most instances, what we’re talking about is a significant injury that prohibits someone from going back to work.  Perhaps they’ve injured their back, their leg, their arm, or their shoulder and can no longer just perform the duties of the job.

The vocational rehabilitation process allows the injured worker to be met with and have a review of their education, background, training, and obviously review their medical situation and their limitations. They also ask the injured party what they might be interested in, and what they have an inclination or desire to be involved with.  Putting that altogether will come up with a recommendation with maybe more than one in terms of training or on-the-job rehabilitation. This is provided by the state of Connecticut at no charge to the injured employee. So in many instances, one can acquire new skills, new training in a new field at no expense so they may be able to return to work, sometimes, at a higher rate of pay than what they have received in the past. We can explain all of this to you, guide you through the process, and help get you on your way to recovery.

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