Importance of a Health Care Proxy


Health care proxy has become very important in this day and age with medical issues looming large in everyone’s life. Medical proxy is referred to in many ways either a health care agent, a durable health care power of attorney or similar language but they all mean the same thing. What we’re talking about is a document that you execute which says “In the event that I am no longer able to make medical decisions on my own behalf, I want whoever (typically we’re talking about medical providers), to consult with and rely upon the advice and direction of (whomever you delegate).” In many instances, this is a spouse, if one is married. Often, it’s a child and occasionally it’s two people together. But by doing so, you’ve now told doctors, hospitals, and medical providers that these are the people or this is the person you want them to deal with so that if you’re not able to make your own medical decisions, you’ve told the world who you want to make them for you.

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